Winter 2018

  • Feed Your Mind—Lenape (Sarah Sebald)
    Students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds will receive a bag of books at their reading level for them to enjoy over the summer (student identities will be kept confidential). The books will help maintain reading levels during the summer months and ideally foster a love of reading in the future. The students will be encouraged to add the books to their home libraries.
  • Courtyard Gardens—NPHS (Cathy Law)
    The next phase of this project will include the addition of native perennials, grasses, vines, and shrubs; exotic annuals to attract insects; a model volcano; and further development of various theme gardens.
  • Middle School Drama Club, World Language Music—NPMS (Mary Holmes)
    3 Sony Audio Systems with Bluetooth will be purchased to aid the Middle School with rehearsal and performance of their annual musical. The systems will allow students and staff to streamline practices as well as run multiple rehearsals simultaneously.
  • Journalism Documentary Project, Round 2—NPHS (Joel Neden)
    Ten more camcorders, memory cards, and storage bags will be made available to journalism students, challenging them to create a film that documents something valuable in their own lives. The project will again conclude with a film showcase in June, when families and members of the community will be invited to view the finished work.
  • 3D Printing in Technology/Engineering—NPHS (Alexis Mallory)
    The purchase of an Ultimaker 3D printer and scanner will allow technology and engineering students to realize prototype production from start to finish. Students will deepen understanding of the iterative design process by designing objects, printing them, testing their functionality, and making adjustments where needed. This grant will also cover the costs of the required filaments.
    Ultimaker 3-D Printer