Spring 2023

Library Cozy Corner (High School – Joanna Arkans)
The Cozy Corner provides a low-tech space for students to relax and enjoy low-stress activities. The school day is long and can be stressful for many students. Being able to take a break during lunch or study hall to engage in some mindful non-screen activities will reduce stress and aide learning.

Garden Renovation (Lenape – Jim Longbotham)
The remaining beds not renovated with PTA money or Science for Education grant from Mobile at Lenape will be renovated, and a pollinator garden will be added. The bed re-designs, by Mr. Longbotham, will be much more durable and hopefully last 20-25 years. The school garden is used by many classrooms throughout the year as well as visited by all the students twice a year for our spring and fall festivals. In addition, the 3-5 grade science curriculum is integrated to utilize the garden. These gardens provide a “fertile ground” for engaging, hands-on experiences for students.

Art Department Printers (High School – Brennan Woods)
Students will have access to quality printers for the work they are doing (inkjet photo quality printer). AP students need prints that reflect the work and colors appropriately for critique and final exhibition. In addition, large format printers will benefit the entire school, providing things like large posters and banners. Inclusion of a “Cricut” printer opens up many possibilities for projects and fundraising. Wacom drawing tablets (set of 15) for Visual Arts/Media Arts students provide access to digital hand drawing and go hand-in-hand with our new Adobe Creative Suites painting and drawing programs.