Rewarding Excellence in Enhancements of the Educational Experience

In a time when dwindling school budgets directly affect the breadth of students’ learning opportunities, the New Paltz Central School District Foundation for Student Enhancement (Foundation) is proud to sponsor an awards program for forward-looking educators and associated activities, directed towards the enhancement of the educational experience for students within the New Paltz Central School District.

It is at the core of our mission to offer assistance in helping to provide for a more well-rounded and enriching experience to prepare those students for the real world.


Thank You to All Applicants

The Foundation would also like to extend a sincere “Thank You!” to all those who took the time and made the effort to submit proposals for consideration. Their commitment to expanding the educational experience for our students benefits the entire community.

The Foundation looks forward to future submissions of forward thinking and sustainable projects to enhance the educational opportunities of students in the New Paltz District.