Apply – For Teachers

If you are a NPCSD teacher interested in applying for a Foundation funding, here are the steps to follow:

  1. You’ve thought of a great project for your school! You can find the application on MyLearning Plan. At any point along the way you can contact your building’s teacher liaison or a Foundation member for help.
  2. Principal Review. Once you submit the application it goes to your principal. They will review your application and send it back to you if it needs revision.
  3. District Review. Your principal will send the application to the district office for approval. Once approved it is forwarded to the Foundation.
  4. Foundation Review. The Foundation members meet to discuss the project and whether it meets our mission as stated in the bylaws. If necessary, a member will contact the teacher to clarify or revise the application.
  5. Congratulations! If the Foundation votes in favor of funding, the teacher is notified and an official request is sent to the BOE. The BOE votes to accept the gift and money is sent to the business office.
  6. Get your award! The Foundation will appoint a project liaison to support you. They will help navigate the acquisition of project materials. Start to finish this process can take a minimum of one month.