Fall 2019

Feed Your Mind #2 (Lenape—Sarah Sebald)
Students at Duzine and Lenape from lower socioeconomic backgrounds will receive a selection of books over winter, spring, and summer breaks. The books will help maintain reading levels when school is not in session by providing appropriate leveled text to students who might not have access otherwise. Student identities will be determined by school social workers and will be kept confidential. This continuing project has evolved to include winter and spring breaks.

Create Environmental Supports for Inspired Learning (Lenape—Tara Crowder)
Lenape hallways will be populated with pictures, posters, and vinyl decals to create a positive atmosphere toward learning, growth, diversity, belonging, cooperation, and kindness. Images will include inspiring figures and interests and will serve as everyday reminders that will ideally empower students to be their own versions of greatness

Spring 2019

Shakespeare Edutainment Assembly (High School—Lauren DePoala and Joe Dolan)
Shortly after reading Romeo and Juliet, 9 th graders will experience Shakespeare the way it was
meant to be: live on stage. “Shakespeare Approves!” will conduct three assemblies that
will include a half-hour, improvisational, audience-interactive Shakespeare play and an
audience Q&A session.

Trout in the Classroom (Duzine—Carrie Bryant and Kathryn Gulitti)
Over the course of the year, second graders will raise trout eggs into fingerlings and then release the fish into
a local stream habitat (location will be determined with DEC approval). The experience will teach topics ranging from trout life cycles to habitats and water quality. Through the care and studying of the live animals and their surroundings, students will ideally develop a stewardship ethic towards local natural habitats. The tank will be located in the shared
science room so all second grade classes may participate in a way that works best for them.

Peaceful Partnerships: Life Cycle in the 3 Sisters Garden (Duzine—Rebecca Burdett on
behalf of all Kindergarten teachers)

With the guidance of local Native elders from “Neetopk-Keetopk”, Kindergarteners will learn about the symbiotic relationship between birds, pollinating insects, and flowers. Beginning in the fall, they will plant, nurture, and
sustain a 3 Sisters Garden, along with milkweed and sunflowers, throughout their life cycles. Over the course of the year they will harvest the grown vegetables for cooking and eating, seed collection, scientific investigations, and art projects. They will also search the milkweed for Monarch caterpillars, which they will tend to in the classroom until they turn
into butterflies. In the spring, they will bring back the seeds they collected for another planting ceremony with the Neetopk-Keetopk.

Courtyard Gardens – Phase 7 (Cathy Law—High School)
The garden will be renovated to include an outdoor learning center, comprised of a weatherproof whiteboard station
along with stools and storage, which will be large enough to accommodate an entire classroom of students.