Fall 2017     

  • NEW PROJECT Family Math: Supply Box for Math Games—Lenape (Liz Burdick); Every student in the third grade will take home a box of math-themed materials (multi-sided number cubes, playing cards, blank spinners, etc.). These materials directly relate to math games already played in the classroom. After the students become familiar with the games, teachers will then assign the math games for homework, solidifying math concepts and also transitioning them into doing assignments outside of school.
  •  Flip Lesson Video Project (Joe Haas, Kathryn Stewart—NPHS); Two math teachers will produce short videos to explain different mathematical concepts that students will watch prior to lessons. This allows students to get familiar with ideas ahead of time, which will make for a richer and more creative experience during class, and also help with the challenge of teaching to different skill levels in the same classroom. Once purchased, the equipment will also be made available to other NPHS teachers wishing to make similar video tutorials. View their THANK YOU video here.

Winter 2017

  • Journalism Documentary Project (Joel Neden—NPHS); Ten camcorders, memory cards, and storage bags will be made available to journalism students, challenging them to create a film that documents something valuable in their own lives. Filming will take place over the course of several weeks, with editing and production work done at school. The project will conclude with a “release night”, when families and members of the community will be invited to view the finished work.
Click to view the students’ documentary videos

Spring 2017

  •  Courtyard Gardens – Phase 5 (Cathy Law—High School); The next phase of this project will include the addition of an outdoor classroom with tree trunk seating; plaques for the culinary herb garden; and further development of the Geology, Shade, and Bird Thicket Gardens.
  • NPHS Disc Golf (Todd Martin, Mike Vance—High School); A disc golf package will be purchased for use by High School PE students. The package includes 4 portable goals as well as 50 discs to which art students will add design. Proficiency in the sport will be measured before and after according to the NYS PE Profile.
    Click for a photo gallery of this project: