Spring 2012 Awards Winners

  • Nook Project (Stella Mouyios – Middle School): 6 Nooks purchased for the Middle School Library.

Fall 2012 Awards Winners

  • Solar Car Design (Alexis Mallory – High School): Engineering Students will work collaboratively with SUNY New Paltz Engineering to design a solar car shell.
  • Classroom in the Field – Phase 1 (Cathy Law – High School): Students will cultivate a naturalized meadow in the interior space of the High School, learning about biodiversity, ecology, symbiosis, plant physiology and other environmental topics.  
  • Atomic Emission Spectrum (Ron Bonagura – High School): Science students will learn to calculate energies released by electrons as they make transitions within the atom, and be able to observe the transitions plotted out in the forms of peaks and wavelengths.
  • Classroom Listening Center (Iva Profaci – Duzine): A permanent listening center will be established in a Kindergarten classroom.
  • Water Data Analysis (Kathleen Nugent/Stephannie Costello – High School): Special equipment for the Chemistry lab will enable students to experience hands-on Quantitative Water Quality Testing and relevant discussions.